Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Too Big To Fail, Part II


Crackpot as it may sound to many, there exists a deep affinity between the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the original Ron Paul style Tea Partiers. The rage and indignation that animates both groups is merely aimed at different heads of the same hydra.

I had something like an epiphany the other day when a "conservative" talk radio host went on a hate filled tirade against the Wall Street protesters variously calling them commies, Marxists, Leninist, traitors...Admittedly I'm sure some of each of these were present but that misses the point entirely; the Occupiers are mostly young, well educated and underemployed. Herman Cain sounds like an ignorant fool when he labels the entire movement lazy and resentful. Such rhetoric is as intellectually dishonest as labeling the Tea Party movement as greedy racists.This is not the America of thirty or forty years ago. This piece was reprinted in the Chicago Tribune and has many good points:,0,175730.story

Yes this was a real a-ha moment for me, because I remember thinking to myself, you idiot (the aforementioned fill in talk show host with a speech impediment) don't you see, the real villains aren't on the streets marching and shouting, they're inside those vast buildings, trading America's economic and military primacy for a quick buck. Outsourcing, off shoring, gutting domestic manufacturing, destroying the dollar, and so much more. If middle America vanishes, so be it, for in the social Darwinist view of the Wall Street crooks any form of national allegiance is for fools, after all most of their loot is in offshore accounts. What all the drones on the right and the left don't get is that Big Brother and Big Business have come together to stick it to the middle class having realized that there are enough pieces of the pie to share. They can perhaps dismember the corpse of the American Dream more efficiently by working in conjunction just as Nile crocodiles, who in every other instance act only out of self interest, come togethor to take turns holding the prey or performing the death roll.

To restate, the combined project of Wall Street and Washington is to destroy the middle class so that they can remake America (or perhaps the whole western world) as they see fit. For Big Brother 9/11 was the perfect pretext (whoops I mean tragedy) to strip Americans of basic civil liberties and turn the country into a police state...In a similar manner the economic elites may want a full scale global economic collapse so as take open control of the world economy. The m.o. is the same; never let a good crisis go to waste. If the State can make servile cowering wretches of the descendants of the people that once cried "Give me liberty or give me death!" it stands to reason that a massive underclass of ignorant fearful dependants is also a great boon to plutocrats and oligarchs. Concurrent with the extinction of the middle class is the disappearance of such nuisances as independent journalists, rogue dissenters, civil watchdogs, free thinkers, in short the whole intelligentsia. God only knows what form of nightmare will emerge from the shadows on that day.

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